Farmers Jam 2017

Posted By on Nov 26, 2017 |

Farmers Jam is always a really fun event to go to every year Is always have a really good time when I go. The events this year consisted of boardercross, bigair and slopestyle. In slopestyle I came first in the big air, slopestyle and boardercross for the women’s open category as well as 3rd in the men’s overall category for boardercross. In big air i was throwing all the spins i could do both back and front as well as some front flips just for the crowd. In boardercross i did the same on the jump but tried mixing it up on the rails and boxes which were in a tight and challenging set up but still pulled through. After a intense set of races against all of the men I was in the top 3 ‘mens’ final! The race was difficult due to a weight and experience disadvantage but after reviewing the only video footage the judges gave me 3rd place. I cant wait for next year!