Europa cup 2017

Posted By on Nov 26, 2017 |

Back in March this year I headed out to LAAX to train with the park and pipe team and the Europa cup was on that same week. I entered just to try it out as i’d been riding the same line for the past week so I knew it pretty well. After practising my run all training in the qualifiers I pulled out the best run that I could which consisted of a back board pretzel 270 out, a cab 180 over the roller, front 3 melon, A floaty method grab, a back 3 tail grab and a 50-50 360 out. I managed to just squeeze into finals in 6th place which I never expected! All the ladies were such strong riders i was so stoked on having the chance to ride with and against them. In finals I decided to throw the same run just bigger and better and upped my finishing place to 5th which I was so stoked about for one of my first overall women’s competitions!